Thursday, July 15, 2010

Out of the Blue

Dear Noah,

I just wanted you to know that when I checked my texts at lunch today and saw there was a text from you I was nervous for half a second.  I mean, you are away at camp for the second week in a row and anything could have happened.  But, when I saw the text was only three little words,

I love you

my heart melted.  Thanks for giving your mom a really good day. 

I love you infinity plus one.


My name is Nikki and sometimes my teenager surprises me in the best of ways.


  1. How sweet!
    Kyle is away at camp this week and I have talk to him for about 20 seconds and all he said was

    "hey mom, where did you put my money?"

    ....oh well, at least he called me and I know that I am still needed! :O)

  2. oh that is awesome. i hope my son melts me that way when he's a teen. right now, my precious two-year-old boy thinks it's a hoot to wipe off all of my kisses. and he laughs when i fake cry.