Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From Craziness to Surrender

I drive myself crazy a lot of the time.  I over-analyze things, do things the hard way and get bogged down in the general minutiae of life.  The even crazier thing is that I know I do it but sometimes I feel powerless to stop.  I feel the need to "handle" things.  I feel the need to exert control over everything that comes my way.  I HATE to delegate.  I HATE to give up control.

But, occasionally something comes along and proves to me that many things are completely beyond my control.  And sometimes these things aren't so great - pregnancy at age 17, divorce, health concerns, etc.  But sometimes, these things are so good and eye opening and soul touching that I know they are straight from Heaven.

Last night I had the honor of listening to the stories of a few phenomenal ladies at The Orchard Women's Night for January.  Most of my fabulous friends from small group met me there.  I am so blessed to have a group of girls who are all best friends to me.  Love you Amanda, Amy, Brandy, Shannon & Victoria! The theme was surrender and it resonated so strongly with me. 

Our first speaker talked about her recent adoption of a baby girl from China and how after raising three perfect biological children that God put it on her heart to adopt.  She and her husband took 5 years before being able to totally surrender to God's will and bring Sophie home.

Three Strands
The next speakers were the co-authors of the book A Cord of Three Strands, Sara Berry and Tricia Robbins.  I bought the book last night, so I have not read it.  However, just listening to their story of how bad times sometimes turn out not to be bad times but are instead hard times and how God can redeem us when we feel our most broken was wonderful.  I am including a link where you can read about and even order the book - here.  But, please know that I am not affiliated nor compensated in any way.  I just truly think that others may be moved the way I was.

Will I always surrender?  Probably not, I'm not there yet.  But will I think more?  Absolutely.

Have a great week!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Southern Somedays!

    I love this post because I do think we as women all have trouble with surrender (and control). Your night with friends sounds wonderful...now I am off to check out your new read!