Friday, April 29, 2011

Beauty and Noah

Ok, so here is the deal.  I was completely uninterested in all the Royal Wedding hoopla, and then I woke up this morning with insomnia. 

So, I watched a little, and then a little more and then got totally hooked.  When AnnaLauren woke up, I said, "Look Nan, there is a new princess today!"  She took one look at the tv, squealed and said, "Look Mother, Belle is wearing her dress and crown!"  She was absolutely convinced that Princess Kate was in fact Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  She looked a little closer and said, "That prince looks like Noah.  Mother, it's Belle and Noah on tv!" 

Photos from Reuters & Disney

So my little princess and I hung out on the bed and watched a beautiful new princess and her prince. 
It was magic - completely worthy of Disney!


  1. Hi Nikki! Love your blog, and this post. So cute! My boys and I watched Tangled this evening. I'm a sap for fairy tales - real or fiction. :)

    ~Melissa, SITS Girl
    Reflections on Writing

  2. She *does* look like Belle! I love Disney movies, and really liked this one. Visiting from SITS.