Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray for Christmas Vacation!

People seem to like my posts much better when I am short on words and long on pictures, so here goes...

Welcome to our holiday home!

This is the cross from our front door and the bows from the front of our house.  I don't know why I didn't take any of the wreaths.

Here is our tree and mantle - we decided on a red and lime green theme this year and I love it!  We will definitely be adding to it as year go by.

The dining room (not completely red and green yet) as well as some other random decor.

Christmas Morning 2009

Santa laid out all of Noah and AnnaLauren's goodies - he knows our kids love to unwrap!

Noah had lots of good things in little packages - fave gift - his iPhone.

AnnaLauren LOVES her baby care center!

Noah was a fabulous big brother and helped AnnaLauren open, open and open some more.

Random Fun - from our house and the grandparents

Miss Willow

War wounds from big time playing!

Under the tree with the last of the presents.

And lastly, it wouldn't be Christmas without a little bit of bottomless sliding and a messy playroom!

Happy 2010 Y'all!

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