Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Being Unsure

Some of my readers (shout out to all 5 of you!), probably know that both my husband and I are in the insurance business.  Specifically, we both work in Employee Benefits (health insurance).  And, unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, you know that a major health insurance reform bill was signed into law this week. 

This post is not to analyze the detriments or merits of the law, although (for non-employment issues) I was definitely against it.  This post is to ask you, my sweet readers, to pray for my family through what is sure to be a huge transition for us.  I am turning the decisions that my family will need to make in the next 12-24 months over to God.  I know He will take care of us - He always has.  But, my "Type A" personality makes this very difficult.  I like to control, micro-manage even. 

So, when you think of it, remember us and pray that I can let go. 

Or, to make me feel better, comment and tell me how changing careers was the best thing that ever happened to you! :)

Kisses, Kisses,


  1. Oh, girl! These are scary times and I have to wonder what it will mean to each of us over the next 12 to 24 months (or sooner!). I will lift you up in prayer and ask that God lead you just where He wants you to be. (((hugs for peace!)))

  2. I will pray for you.."Father God please be with this woman and her family as they are coming up to decision making time, give them clarity of mind..and then peace. You are such a loving and awesome God, just be with them now, Amen" Have a wonderful day hon..