Thursday, June 24, 2010

Okaloosa Island, Florida June 2010

My family loves Florida! And no, I don't mean just the beach. 
Tommy, Nikki, Noah, Lois (T's mom) and AnnaLauren
Tommy and Noah love the seafood.  Tommy relishes the opportunity to eat raw oysters with every meal and Noah always orders crab legs.  Yes, I know snow crab doesn't come from Florida, but the whole seafood at the seashore idea works for him. 

AnnaLauren loves having a pool right out the back door (hear that, Daddy, she really needs a pool at home) and she loves collecting little bits of shells and rocks in her net.  She also loves the wildlife.  Every morning she would head to the sliding glass door of the condo to look for lizards outside.  Most mornings she was not disappointed.  She also has developed quite a fondness for crabs, starfish and pretty much any other aquatic creature. 

I love the shopping.  I always take one day to ramble around the multitude of thrift, consignment, junk and antique stores that dot the Emerald Coast. 

Our vacation this year took on special meaning as we watched the news every day and prayed that no oil would come our way.   Sadly, the tarballs rolled in after five absolutely fabulous days.  So, we shopped and ate and rested and ate some more!  It was our best family vacation since AnnaLauren was born!

And if you are brave, you can scroll through my bajillion pictures and see all the fun we had. 

AnnaLauren and Me enjoying the emerald green water.

Noah and AnnaLauren on the beach

My pretty girl drying out

AnnaLauren and Grams

Fun at the Crab Trap Beach & Play Area 
Noah on the Lifeguard Tower
Noah is so sweet to play with AnnaLauren

The Gulfarium
This was pretty cool - see the dolphins in mid-air!  Tommy is a much better photographer than me!
AnnaLauren calls this her Minnie Mouse hair, but it keeps her cool
The Sea Lion Show
Holding a starfish in the touch pool
More Fun!

For some reason, I this one makes me think of Cousin Eddie from the National Lampoon's movies!
She's ready!
Tommy's vacation - work!  What did we do before the "Crackberry"?
Singing Twinkle, Twinkle on the patio

Our traditional shots of ourselves.  I sure do love him!

Some pretty family beach shots
Starting to get a little warm!

My little southern bathing beauty!

Congratulations or I'm sorry if you are still with me!
This is what was on the beach our last two days.  So sad!  Please keep the entire Gulf Coast region in your prayers!

Sign warning people to stay out of the water

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