Friday, September 3, 2010

Almost Famous

One of my mother-in-laws (I claim three, but that's another story) operates a daycare/preschool, so she is forever being called on by vendors.  Earlier this week, a photographer came in from a company she has used in the past.  She had recently joined the franchise and was out calling on potential clients.  My MIL took her card and imagine her surprise when she flipped it over and on the back was AnnaLauren!  About 18 months ago I was contacted by the company and asked if they could use AnnaLauren's picture for advertising.  I said yes, but never gave it another thought - until now!  Pretty funny!  BTW, they make very cute pictures at schools, daycares, etc.

Front and Back of the Business Card
AnnaLauren is on the bottom right


  1. What a huge family! Have you considered biggest loser for health purposes!