Monday, February 7, 2011

A Very Busy (and fun-filled) Weekend

One day (hopefully in the near future), I will have a laptop at my house that works and I will get to post pictures from Christmas and our snow days and all the other things we've been doing for the past month and a half.  For now though, our Dave Ramsey budget doesn't allow for a new computer purchase. :(

But, this weekend I made a few pictures with my phone so you will get at least a little of us!

So here's what we did...

Friday Night
Noah went to his dad's.

AnnaLauren went here with her GeGe - I do NOT love this place!
Tommy and I sat at home.  He "worked" on his work laptop and I decorated for a baby shower.

AnnaLauren headed to her Grams to spend the night,Tommy headed out to get away from all the women and I threw a baby shower!

My sweet friend, Victoria, came over and we had a fabulous Woodland Themed Baby Shower, complete with pine cones, sunflowers and the cutest cakes you've ever seen!

This is one of the signs from the party.  So Cute!  I will try to do a complete post about this sweet and very budget friendly shower.

Saturday Night
After a little clean up.  Tommy and I got ready and had a little night out.

We went to a little place called The Stables for a cocktail and some fresh chicken strips.  Yum!  It's located is an alley downtown and actually did serve as a stable and carriage house way back in the day.
Then we went to see these guys!  They were never really on my radar before, but they were fantastic!  Seriously, two thumbs up!

Rascal Flatts
11.07.10 Music City Walk of Fame (Photo Credit: Rick Diamond)

We had fun - see!  We even made a self-portrait!
After the show, we did the old stand by from back when we were single.  A run to Krystal!  I think this has been standard post-concert fare for us since before we even met.  Back in in high school days even!  But I question everything about you, if after a long night, that you don't love a Krystal Chik with Cheese. J/K :)

We were losers and slept in on Sunday morning.  Being withour kiddos and staying out way too late will do that to you!  But, we should have been here...

But, the afternoon was devoted to football!
Our uber cool (way cooler than us) friends, the Warrens, had a few people over for a little Super Bowl party.  And although this year we weren't really pulling for one team over the other, I really liked seeing a new era of the Green Bay Packers withour Brett Favre.

We ate WAY too much though.  Just a partial menu was - 5 kinds of wings, hamburger sliders on hawaiian rolls. meatball sammies, cajun steamed shrimp, rotel cheese dip, peach cobbler and King Cake.

So fun!  I love restful weekends, but every now and then it's fun to go all out and have a non-stop weekend of fun.

Hope yours was fabulous too!


  1. Your weekend sounds fun and BUSY! LOL I understand about waiting on the laptop. I often think we are getting towards the end of this one's natural life and I worry about what I will do then! But patience is a virtue..right?

  2. Oh how I love the name annalauren. So pretty and so southern! You crack me up about having a laptop that works one day! Sounds like a fun weekend. wish i could say the same for us. I am sick of this cold weather! ugggH! Hope you have a fabulous day and thanks for stopping by today! XO