Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dedicating Time to the Important Things

Lately I have felt pulled, pushed, twisted, turned and generally spread too thin.  Isn't it an awful feeling to know that you haven't had time to devote to the important things?  I want to spend time talking with Tommy about the little details of our lives.  I want to spend time hanging out with Noah to see if there are any new girls he likes or if he has thought any more about what his college major might be.  I want to spend time with AnnaLauren just painting our toenails and having tea parties.  I want to have lunch or dinner or a full conversation with my close friends from small group.  I do not want to spend time running errands, or catching up on work emails, or even attending another luncheon or dinner or party. 

I just want to slow down. 

Don't you?

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