Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Shopping Trip - Paisley!!!

I got really good feedback from last Friday's post, so for now I'm going to do it on Friday's that I am inspired.  This week is all about one word -
I love paisley, so this post has no rhyme or reason -
just stuff I love that won't break the bank. 
Have fun and be inspired!

Symphony in Hue Collection from Vera Bradley

Home Casual Bath Collection from - under $20

Cute, Cute Beach Towels - $9.99 and up,

Flirt Paisley Rug in Chocolate from

Savoy Lunch bag from - $16.00

French Bull Kitchen Accessories from - $16-$38

Pillows from - $11.38 & $29.95

Dresses $39.99 - $61.60 and Catherines.Com

Brava by Mikasa Dinnerware at - $6.50 and up

Slipper Chair from - $217.99

For the record, I am neither affliated with nor compensated by any of the items or websites that are mentioned above.  I also do not make any statements as to the quality, workmanship, etc. 
They are simply things I like! :)


  1. I just love a cute paisley pattern! It would make a cute summer bag, wouldn't it? Thanks for sharing.

    Visiting from SITS :)

  2. Oh had me at Vera....By the way...I am having a great giveaway for a Vera over at my place if ya are interested! You have posted some GREAT pics! I think I love em everyone!!!

  3. I love paisley to...I love it so much if I ever had a daughter I was going name her paisley. I love all the items you posted!

  4. Stopping from SITS! What fun things! The lunch bag is great!