Monday, April 19, 2010

A Fun Thing to Do in Spring

Every year, in the Spring, we pick a lovely day and head to the Memphis Zoo.  I love the zoo and my family will tell you that the trip is mostly for me.  However, it does give me the opportunity for some gratuitous family snapshots.  Forgive the photography, but it has been a while since I put some new pics of us up. 
I won't bore you with the ones of animals!

Noah and AnnaLauren outside Cat Country
(note how excited an almost 14 yr old is to be at the zoo with his family!)

See he gets more excited in every shot!

AnnaLauren and Mommy on the tram
She LOVES to ride the "choo-choo train"

The Hubby and I in front of the Yukon Trek fireplace

AnnaLauren's Everyday Look
Yes, the paci is tied on - it would be B.A.D. if it got lost!

And lastly, proof that the zoo really is fun for the whole family!

Hope you are making time to have fun with your family this Spring!

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  1. haha, I like that last picture. Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I hope you post pictures of the baptism!