Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just one more thing to make me feel old...

AnnaLauren is beginning to potty train.  Her success ratio is pretty low and her interest level isn't much higher.  But, that is for another post.  However, since my mind was on ways of helping her get more enthusiastic, I was wondering what all types of character underwear there is in a 3T (Dora, Disney Princesses, whatever).  And as my mind works in crazy ways, I then began to think about buying Noah little character underwear when he was 2.  I can't really recall all the ones we had, but I know Barney, Mickey Mouse and Spiderman were among them.  Then, my mind made a leap to the present...specifically Noah's latest pair of boxers.  

And I know I am getting old when my son's underwear has gone from...

American Eagle
This fetching pair features bananas, but Noah's have little red firecrackers with the words "Pocket Rocket".  Awesome, I know! (Did you see the tongue in my cheek?)  These were added to his ever growing collection of novelty boxers.  Somehow, I totally missed the day he transitioned from sweet and fun cartoons to suggestive ones.  I may have to cry a little. 

And how in the world will I react when AnnaLauren swaps from Little Mermaid to Victoria's Secret?  No, I can't think about that, because it's only 10 am and I might need a drink.

Hope you have a fabulous day!

Photo of Underoos taken from amazon.com and Boxers from ae.com


  1. Oh, they grown up so fast!
    I tagged you in one of my post. You can find it here:

    If tagging is not your thing, no big deal.
    Have a great day!

  2. oh this is SO funny! My son will be 14 in Jul and he just had a "fit" to get his first 2 pairs of AE boxers (2 for $20 i might add!)

    Just dropping in from SITS...Love your blog...I will be back!