Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another thing I love about the South...

Little girls in pageants!

AnnaLauren On Stage - April 2010

Ok, so let the controversy begin. :)  I think pageants (although not a completely southern thing), feel so southern to me.  AnnaLauren adores getting all dressed up and being girly.  Even though she is usually all bruised up from playing so hard at daycare, she loves to put on a twirly dress and clip a flower in her hair.  It makes me think of when I was a little girl pretending to be Scarlett O'Hara.

She has not done many pageants and so far she has only done natural pageants (no makeup, party dresses, no hairpieces, etc.).  But, who knows what the future holds!  Just know though that I don't think she will ever be Toddlers &Tiaras material!

But right now, watching my precious little girl smile and wave and absolutely bask in being the center of attention makes me one happy Southern Mom. 

Plus, last Friday when I went in to her room wake her up, our dialogue went like this...

Mom:  Good Morning, AnnaLauren!
AL: (still lying down):  Hey
Mom:  So what do you want to wear today?  Shorts or a dress?
AL: (sits up and rubs her hair out of her eyes) Dress
Mom:  OK, what color dress do you want to wear?
AL:  (looks up and grins, hair completely a mess)
I wanna go pageant!

Who can argue with that?!

FYI - AnnaLauren's gorgeous dress was made by her Mamaw Betty and her cute flower clip was made by me!


  1. how adorable! I am mixed on the pagent thing(even thow I was in one back in high school). I think as long as the child wants to do it, it's fine. It's the mother's that ruin the whole thing in my opinion.
    I lov ethe natural pagent look. She is really a true beauty!

  2. I think it's no different than sports.You get involved because your child is good at it...and as long as she's happy...that's what matters!I say go ahead...get your pageant on,AnnaLauren;)

  3. She's adorable! I have to admit, pangeants for little children usually disgust me, but I didn't know natural ones existed. I am toally for those! I don't like the other ones because they often sexualize little children. But, the natural ones seem to show their natural beauty and keep their innosence in tact. Stopping by from SITS!

  4. I'm following from Blog Flow!

  5. It's not just the south- remember jonbenet Ramsey?
    Children shouldn't learn so young or at any age that their looks can get them gain. What will happen when one day she becomes obese as Mississippians are prone to? How screwed up will a little girl become?
    Too, I read your blog off n on n I noticed Noah had abirthday yesterday- but you made no mention. So how consumed are you with the girl and "your" pageants?