Thursday, May 20, 2010

My first negative comment

Yesterday, I worked out of my office and to be honest my blog never even crossed my mind.  Then last night we were kidless, so we did what any married couple would do - watched all our shows that had been piling up in the DVR!  Sad, I know!

But, first thing this morning, I logged in to check out some of the blogs I read and noticed a new comment.  I grinned (comments make me happy!) and read it.  It was not so nice.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the south- remember jonbenet Ramsey?  Children shouldn't learn so young or at any age that their looks can get them gain. What will happen when one day she becomes obese as Mississippians are prone to? How screwed up will a little girl become?  Too, I read your blog off n on n I noticed Noah had abirthday yesterday- but you made no mention. So how consumed are you with the girl and "your" pageants?
May 19, 2010 12:08 AM

Wow!  I know pageants are controversial.  And, I knew when I wrote about AnnaLauren's little hobby that I would catch some flack and guessed that even 13 years later JonBenet Ramsey would be brought up.  I can handle it.  In fact, I love to hear people's opinions. 

However, I wanted to take what I feel like is a golden opportunity to state my opinion about a couple of the things from the comment.

1.  I think it is beyond rude (either in person or through an anonymous comment) to imply that someone's child will grow up and be obese or "screwed up" or apparently both.  WTH?

2.  Noah's Birthday.  Yes, Noah's 14th birthday was Monday.  But, Noah doesn't read my blog.  Noah rolls his eyes when I mention my blog.  He is my Facebook friend and I acknowledged him there.  But for the record, there is a lot going on with Noah and a BIG post will be coming either tomorrow or Monday. We had a family get together on Sunday for Noah's birthday (I made pics and they will be posted), he has Awards Night tonight, and as of next Friday, he will no longer be a middle-schooler. 

So, that's that.  I feel relieved that the first negative comment is done.  And as I said earlier, I always welcome your opinions.  But, to imply that my kids are somehow unequal or will turn out poorly just ticks me off!  But, I'm their Mama.  I think it probably should tick me off.

Got something to say?  Leave me comment.  They really do make me grin! :)


  1. Well, don't you worry.What happened to JonBenet was a terrible and fortunately rare occurance.Your relationship with Noah is your business...I have 2 teenagers who regularly scorn me and my, really, c'mon...obviously, if they honestly stood behind their opinions, they wouldn't have been anonymous.And, my goodness, there are worse things than becoming becoming an anonymous blog commenter;)Gosh, Anonymous, lighten UP!
    Sorry...that's just my Southern sass gettin' riled up...

  2. Very well said!

    It's your blog, you write what you want and if they don't want to read it, then by all means...TURN IT OFF!

  3. Hey Nikki, stopping by from SITS. Very good response to anonymous. i have to go to a meeting or i would write more (i'm at work). Both your children are beautiful!!