Friday, April 29, 2011

Beauty and Noah

Ok, so here is the deal.  I was completely uninterested in all the Royal Wedding hoopla, and then I woke up this morning with insomnia. 

So, I watched a little, and then a little more and then got totally hooked.  When AnnaLauren woke up, I said, "Look Nan, there is a new princess today!"  She took one look at the tv, squealed and said, "Look Mother, Belle is wearing her dress and crown!"  She was absolutely convinced that Princess Kate was in fact Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  She looked a little closer and said, "That prince looks like Noah.  Mother, it's Belle and Noah on tv!" 

Photos from Reuters & Disney

So my little princess and I hung out on the bed and watched a beautiful new princess and her prince. 
It was magic - completely worthy of Disney!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NAIW Region III Conference

I have mentioned lots of times that my day job (for now) is in insurance.  So, I have been a member of Insurance Professionals of Northeast MS for a few years and am privileged enough to be serving as our president this year.  So, in that capacity, I decided to attend the regional conference in Montgomery, AL.  It really was a great time!

Mississippi Council attendees at the antebellum themed Welcome Party
 Opening night of the Montgomery Biscuits Baseball Team from the hotel balcony
 Me, sporting the required First Timers accessory
 Region III First Timers
 Harriott II Riverboat on the Alabama River
Venue for Friday night's dinner cruise - so fun!
 We stayed at the fantastic Renaissance Montgomery on the corner of Tallapoosa and Commerce.
Tallapoosa makes me think thoughts that make me giggle.  Yes, I'm a child sometimes.
It was a really fun weekend full of great people, food and lots of learning.  If any of you are in insurance, seek out your local chapter.  You don't know what you are missing!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

AnnaLauren's Bed Feature!

AnnaLauren's Bed was Featured on Beyond the Picket Fence as something that caught her eye from last week's link ups!  Makes me so excited!

You can check out my original post here.

Go see her every Thursday for an awesome Under $100 Linky Party!

Beyond The Picket Fence

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Up, Up and Away

A couple of weekends ago, while I was in Montgomery, Alabama with the National Association of Insurance Women (another post for another day), AnnaLauren's Grams took her to the Up, Up and Away Festival.

They only allow a few people to go up in the balloons and Lois and AnnaLauren were picked! So fun!

AnnaLauren and Grams ready to go up!

Some of the gorgeous balloons.

AnnaLauren is very lucky to have a Grams that takes her on such fun adventures!
Thanks Grams!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Eating an Elephant - Part 4

We are currently in the midst of our Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover.
This has honestly changed our lives!

March was a banner month for us.  We broke $10K!
We have paid off $10,077.48 in debt since beginning our plan!

August 1, 2010 Total Debt
(excluding the house)

March 31, 2011 Total Debt
(excluding the house)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AnnaLauren's Big Girl Room #1 - The Bed

We are in the process of transitioning AnnaLauren from her toddler toom to a "big girl" room.  So, since that means  a new bed to replace her coverted crib daybed, it also means a little bit of redecorating in her room.

First up, the big girl bed of course!

We found this fabulous vintage/almost antique bed on my best friend, Craigslist, for $75!  The gorgeous girly lines, the sweet curved footboard, the oval perfect for a little initial - I died!  However, Tommy took a little more convincing!  But, thankfully he chose to trust me. :)

Here she is in all her glory!  She needs a little bit of loving!

Pardon my awesome cell phone pictures!

The lovely curved footboard
Gorgeous legs!
Graceful lines and an oval that I have big plans for!
Tommy really outdid himself sanding and sanding and sanding on her!

And here she is now - Tada!
I am crazy excited!!!
Again, I know the cell phone pictures are atrocious, but I promise to make better ones when I show the entire room.  For now, I couldn't wait!

Oh and AnnaLauren loves it too and calls it her Princess Bed.  Makes a mama happy!

I am linking to the blog parties on my sidebar.  You should visit them too!

Oh, and for those who want to know, here is the cost breakdown:
Bed from Craigslist - $75.00
Untinted Vivid White Paint/Primer Quart - $15.00
Rub On Poly - Free from Garage - ($9.00 if purchased)
2 Vinyl Initials from Etsy - $6.00 (including shipping)
TOTAL COST - $96.00!

Several people have asked about the bedding.  It is Pottery Barn Teen Graphic Pop.  It is a little expensive, But I lucked up.  You can read about it and see better pictures here.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Consignment Sale Bargains!

Twice a year, New 2 U Consignment has a HUGE children's consignment sale in Tupelo.  I always volunteer to be able to shop before it opens to the public.  This year I really racked up!

Here is my haul - 39 pieces of fabulousness from brands like Baxter& Beatrice, Remember Nguyen, Mis Tee V Us, Ralph Lauren & several custom made items!  Yes, it's all for AnnaLauren, sadly Noah has sized out of this sale. 

I picked up a brand new Pottery Barn Teen Graphic Pop quilt and two shams as well as a coordinating lamp.  The retail price was well over $300 and I paid $80!  Score!  I love it and it will be perfect in AnnaLauren's "Big Girl" room that is currently in progress.
Photo from Pottery Barn Teen

And of course I couldn't resist an Ole Miss cheerleader doll.  AnnaLauren named her Kelly and has taken her everywhere since I brought her home last Wednesday.  So Cute!

If you live anywhere in North Mississippi or West Alabama and have small children, this sale is fantastic!  I consign AnnaLauren's clothes and always do extremely well!