Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AnnaLauren's Big Girl Room #1 - The Bed

We are in the process of transitioning AnnaLauren from her toddler toom to a "big girl" room.  So, since that means  a new bed to replace her coverted crib daybed, it also means a little bit of redecorating in her room.

First up, the big girl bed of course!

We found this fabulous vintage/almost antique bed on my best friend, Craigslist, for $75!  The gorgeous girly lines, the sweet curved footboard, the oval perfect for a little initial - I died!  However, Tommy took a little more convincing!  But, thankfully he chose to trust me. :)

Here she is in all her glory!  She needs a little bit of loving!

Pardon my awesome cell phone pictures!

The lovely curved footboard
Gorgeous legs!
Graceful lines and an oval that I have big plans for!
Tommy really outdid himself sanding and sanding and sanding on her!

And here she is now - Tada!
I am crazy excited!!!
Again, I know the cell phone pictures are atrocious, but I promise to make better ones when I show the entire room.  For now, I couldn't wait!

Oh and AnnaLauren loves it too and calls it her Princess Bed.  Makes a mama happy!

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Oh, and for those who want to know, here is the cost breakdown:
Bed from Craigslist - $75.00
Untinted Vivid White Paint/Primer Quart - $15.00
Rub On Poly - Free from Garage - ($9.00 if purchased)
2 Vinyl Initials from Etsy - $6.00 (including shipping)
TOTAL COST - $96.00!

Several people have asked about the bedding.  It is Pottery Barn Teen Graphic Pop.  It is a little expensive, But I lucked up.  You can read about it and see better pictures here.


  1. Love it! I love the Monogram on the footboard. I got my daughter's bed at a local antique store and the store owner refinished it for me.

    I am having a fine art photography giveaway on my blog. The artist is Melanie Alexandra. She has more than 200 photographs in her Etsy store. Leave me a comment telling me which is your favorite image to win any photograph of your choice.

  2. Looks so sweet. Love the fun bedding too! btw. Your cell pictures are great. Wouldn't have even known.

  3. Oh my gosh it is GORGEOUS!!! What a wonderful bed for your "big" girl! :)

    STopping in from Someday Crafts.

  4. Simply beautiful! The comforter is way cute too!

  5. It‘s so nice that I found your blog about your link on Finding Fabulous. So I’ve scrolled a little and like what I see. Now I’m your new follower! ;)

    Take care

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  7. Love it... the bedding is awesome, where did you find it... would love to find something like that for my daughter, its perfect!


  8. I adore it and the bedding is just stunning. Well done you. I love it and so will your little big girl :) Love your blog - so following you - please come and see me sometime, hopefully you'll like what I do and follow me too :O)

  9. what a transformation!! It looks great and the 'A' detail makes it really special for your little girl.
    Love the bedspread too!

  10. I love it!!! Good job. I am your newest follower!!!

  11. darling room make-over! you totally scored on the bedding.